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No added sugar or calories

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All-natural flavours

Sipgood Natural Infusion Drops transform your water into a healthy, tasty soft drink.

Can't decide which flavour to try? Here's an easy choice with our 3 most popular flavours. At only £0.76 per drink, it's cheaper than a can of flavoured water or a fizzy drink.

This set includes 12 drops each of:
BLISS Coconut, Mango, & Passionflower
BOOST Raspberry, Elderberry, & Hibiscus

ZING Pear, Ginger, & Ginseng


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No added sugar or calories

All-natural fruit flavours & plant extracts

250mg of electrolytes + added vitamins

98% less packaging than a bottled drink

Free shipping

Upgrade your hydration

Break up with fizzy drinks and upgrade your water instead. A single Sipgood Natural Infusion Drop flavours your water with no added sugar, no calories, all-natural fruit flavours and plant extracts, and 250 mg of electrolytes. Choice of 5 delicious flavours.

Explore our flavours

Transform Your Water

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Your Water, Your Way

Infuse your water with flavour like never before. A flavour for every mood.

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Nature's Finest For You

Our unique blend infuses water with all-natural fruit flavours and plant extracts

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No added sugar or calories

No added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or calories to drag you down.

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Hydrates better than water

With 250mg of electrolytes plus added vitamins, it's more than just water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Natural Infusion Drop?

Sipgood Natural Infusion Drops are made of real fruit powder and plant extracts. We don't use any sugar but we do use a natural sweetener (stevia leaf extract) because, let's face it, we all like something sweet to brighten up our day! We also add a small amount of vitamins to give you an extra boost.

Does it have any sugar?

No. Sipgood Natural Infusion Drops have no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

What flavours do you have?

We have 5 delicious flavours:

  • Coconut, Mango, & Passionflower

  • Grapefruit, Apple, & Rosemary

  • Mandarin, Orange, & Clove

  • Pear, Ginger, & Ginseng

  • Raspberry, Elderberry, & Hibiscus

We are always adding more so check back soon or drop us a line at if you don't see your favourite.

How much water do I put it in?

We recommend 400-500 ml of water (a large glass or a small bottle). But it's totally up to you. Your water, your way.

Why not just drink water?

The #1 reason people don't drink water is the taste. Sipgood Natural Infusion Drops flavour your water, making it easier to drink. Plus each drop has added vitamins and electrolytes, giving your hydration a little bit extra.

Why not reach for a can?

You could... but most flavoured waters contain some sugar. Sipgood Natural Infusion Drops have no added sugar and 98% lower carbon emissions than a can. Plus we donate water for every single drop sold.

Does it make my water fizzy?

Not unless you put it in fizzy water!

Proof is in the Sip

I tried each of the Sipgood flavours and honestly wish there were 50 more! All so delicious - I ended up drinking about 4 a day (and normally I drink very little water throughout the day). On top of them tasting incredible, I had so much energy because I was hydrated (for once), my digestion improved, and my skin was glowing! Cannot recommend these enough

Anna K.

Verified Buyer

I can't get enough of these infusion drops. Gym bag, water bottle, everywhere.

Rishi D.

Verified Buyer

Love it! Goes with me everywhere I go!

Jessica M.

Verified Buyer

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